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        1. 今天是2022年7月1日 星期五,歡迎光臨本站 安徽省合肥汽車客運總站有限責任公司 網址: www.greenbluffabundance.com

          安徽省合肥汽車客運總站有限責任公司 On January 26, 2005, in the magnificent and loud sound of military music, under the eager expectation of leaders at all levels and all walks of life, Anhui Hefei Passenger Terminal Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Hefei Terminal") opened for business. Hefei Terminus is a large-scale passenger transport hub jointly invested by Anhui Communications Group Automobile Transport Co., LTD., Anhui Hefei Automobile Passenger Transport Corporation and Hefei Xincheng State-owned Assets Management Co., LTD. The operation of Hefei Terminus has a profound influence on the passenger transport pattern of Hefei and even Anhui province. As one of the 45 main highway hubs in China, Hefei Terminus is a bus and passenger station built according to the standard of the First-class station of the Ministry of Communications, with an investment scale of 80 million YUAN. The total area is 54.15 mu, with a building area of 11,617 m2, a parking area of 18,930 m2, a square in front of the station of 3,540 m2, and a double-deck waiting hall of 7,000 m2. The design capacity is to send more than 20,000 passengers and 1,500 vehicles per day. There are 10 ticket gates and 28 standard starting places in the station. Its hardware and software facilities and investment scale ranks first in the province. The station and Hefei railway Station across the road, easy to "rail and public diverting", the current average daily delivery of more than 500 vehicles, daily delivery of more than 8,000 passengers, peak days to send more than 25,000 passengers, effectively alleviate the peak passenger flow of the railway station passengers stranded now...

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